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train Like the Elites

TactAthlete© System

TactAthlete© is a community and group training system designed to replicate the progressive fitness regime of military special forces, who excel through some of the most gruelling and stressful environments. 

TactAthlete© Training Options

Determine which Training programme is right for you

The TactAthlete© programmes are designed to fit different goals and stages of fitness. Each programme is focused on military inspired training regimes that progressively improves your physical and mental fitness. In each programme, we run regular evaluations called ZULUs© that helps you to keep track on your progress and tailor your fitness plan.

Discovery & Basics


Want to learn more about the TactAthlete program? Whether you are just starting to workout or a seasoned athlete, join our community for a one-off trial sessions where we bring you through the basics of our approach.
Available Programmes:

Regular Training programme

Fitness is about consistency. Join our community in our regular weekly training programmes, designed and led by rescue, police and military veterans. Each month, we run an evaluation to help you assess your progress, as we work to your mission together.
Available Programmes:

Vocational & Military Preparation

Participating in any military school can be daunting. Our military preparation programmes span between three to six months, and combines physical and leadership training so you are in the best condition to excel in your basic or specialised courses.
Available Programmes:

introducing Zulu© + EVOLUTIONS©

Regular Mental & Physical Evaluations

The last alphabet in military context - the test to see who will last till the end.

Periodic crystallisation process brings out the essence of a TactAthlete - be it through physical evolutions lasting hours, or realistic scenarios where mission success is critical.

Each ZULU© consists of a series of evaluation exercises called EVOLUTIONS©. EVOLUTIONS© are about both physical and mental strength, and it is 90% of the mental strength that matters. TactAthletes© just have to decide if they are too cold, too wet, too miserable, or too sore to go on. It is their mind that gives up on them, not their bodies.

Can you last the ZULU©?