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Lite is an ad-hoc training designed to introduce to the public the concept of a TactAthlete©.

$35.00 Per Session

Every Saturday, 0900hrs - 1100hrs

Training Locations

Lite is an ad-hoc training designed to introduce to the public the concept of a TactAthlete©. It also serves as a teaser for the more regular GREEN© and ALPHA© program, or as an augmentation to your other training regime.
  • Centrally located near National Stadium

  • Military Inspired Workouts

  • Bag Drop, Changing and Shower Facilities are provided whenever possible

Frequently Asked Questions

How fit do I have to be to join?
At an individual level, you should be comfortable with completing

a. 5km run within an hour
b. 20 push-ups in one sitting

If not, bring along a buddy who is able to carry you through the above.
What do I need to bring for each session?
All workouts are conducted in camouflaged slacks with t-shirt or hybrid uniform tops. We have limited sizes for loan at the Company Line, or alternatively purchase one from our E-Store (coming online in the near future).
What does each training session look like?
Each session will start with a simple military-style dynamic warm up, followed by workouts executed with weighted vests, army slacks, sandbags and weighted rucksacks at times.

Expect casualty evacuation drills, when participants will be expected to take on roles as Patrol Leaders or Assistant Patrol Leaders to lead their squad towards mission success.
What will the physical evaluation aka ZULU look like?
Our ZULU checkpoints consist of a set of activities called Evolutions, which is a combination of strength, endurance, power, aerobic and anaerobic workouts, designed to test your functional fitness, under a mission profile setting.

During sessions where we conduct ZULU, we will not be conducting any other TactAthlete training. Newcomers are welcomed to join our ZULU sessions to form an understanding of their fitness baseline. Non-regular lite members may also participate in our ZULU evaluation sessions.
Can I attend if I didn’t book a session online beforehand?
Yes! Athletes are welcomed to invite their friends and family to join the TactAthlete fraternity through our lite programme.

Kindly note that pre-registered athletes will be requested to make a booking on the spot at the prevailing charges, on our online platform