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Sunset PT

Sunset PT is a Special Forces tradition, where TactAthletes gather to workout at sunset. Train, sweat and bond with fellow Urban Warriors over a structured cardio, strength and conditioning program.

Available in Quarterly & Monthly Packages and Single Sessions

Training Locations

Designed for the busy professional, Sunset PT is our weekly cardio, strength and conditioning programme, focused on building the base physical fitness standards and running form.

Sunset PT @ Kallang allows you access to the exclusive ELXR Company Line, modelled after a military barrack for the authentic "boot-camp" experience.

Sunset PT @ Kallang is conducted on Mondays or Wednesdays (1900hrs - 2000hrs) and Saturdays (1600hrs - 1700hrs).
  • Centrally located near National Stadium

  • Electrolytes and/or isotonic drinks are provided during each session

  • Bag Drop, Changing and Shower Facilities are provided

Frequently Asked Questions

How fit do I have to be to join?
Our athletes come in all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. Whether you are trying to complete your first race or are already a seasoned athlete, we will match you with similar TactAthletes of the same fitness levels in our fraternity. Led by experienced coaches, it will be hard for you to not improve.
What do I need to bring for each session?
Please bring along appropriate running attire, including your running shoes. A black-coloured top is mandatory as per all TactAthlete training sessions. Please note that there might not be shower facilities in the area. We will provide for a tactical shower whenever possible.
What does each training session look like?
Each session will begin with a warm-up session, followed by a cardiovascular session consisting of runs and various aerobic exercises. Each session is different to make training fun and exciting. No 2 sessions are the same.

Every 5 weeks, we will run an EVOLUTION checkpoint. For our Sunset PT programme, our EVOLUTION checkpoint will consist of a set of time trials or exercises, that will help you gauge your cardiovascular and overall fitness and track your progress to your mission.

What will the physical evaluation aka EVOLUTION look like?
Our EVOLUTION checkpoints for Sunset PT consist of a set of time trials. These time trials will be a combination of aerobic and anaerobic workouts, designed to test your functional fitness.

During sessions where we conduct EVOLUTION, we will not be conducting any other cardiovascular training. Newcomers are welcomed to join our EVOLUTION sessions to form an understanding of their fitness baseline. Non-regular Sunset PT members may also participate in our EVOLUTION evaluation sessions.

Can I attend if I didn’t book a session online beforehand?
Yes! Athletes are welcomed to invite their friends and family to join the TactAthlete fraternity through our Sunset PT programme.

Kindly note that pre-registered athletes will be requested to make a booking on the spot at the prevailing charges, on our online platform.